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John Bridgeman Limited is an investment management company listed on the National Stock Exchange of Australia.

John Bridgeman Limited was established in January 2015 with the following objectives:

  • To build a diversified investment management business growing funds under management over the medium to long term;
  • To invest in listed and unlisted companies which the Company believes will provide opportunities for moderate to high investment returns over the medium to long term;
  • To grow a diversified income stream uncorrelated to traditional equity market investments through management fees received from managing the investments of third parties,
  • as well as returns from direct investment in listed and unlisted structures;
  • To provide investors with exposure to global markets through the Company's own investments; and
  • To provide a low cost management company where key personnel are rewarded with long term options linked to the share price of John Bridgeman Limited
  • to ensure the Board, key management and shareholders' interests are all aligned.