Investment Management

John Bridgeman Limited's investment strategy is to utilise tools to provide high returns while limiting volatility and drawdowns. The goal is to both identify market direction and to capture the volatility around the trend to enhance returns. The Managing Director and Investment Manager, Stuart McAuliffe, has a strong track record of outperformance against market benchmarks.

Risk Management

Effective risk management depends on a range of factors including diversification of investments and other strategies.

The implementation of appropriate risk management strategies is critical to the management of investments by John Bridgeman Limited.

These strategies are influenced by the philosophy of John Bridgeman Limited, which is based on understanding, in great detail, an investment opportunity's investment metrics, a thorough understanding of the operating market and the risk associated with each investment.

This information is cross checked against unlisted and listed market participants, competitors and industry experts, to gain a thorough and diverse information base for informed and well timed decisions.


Interview with Stuart McAuliffe

Interview with Stuart McAuliffe

Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer of John Bridgeman Limited (JBL)