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19 Feb 2018

Stuart McAuliffe - Macro Market Call

Watch the Macro Market Call video with Stuart McAuliffe - Managing Director of John Bridgeman Limited

01 Jul 2017

Interview with Stuart McAuliffe, Managing Director of John Bridgeman Ltd.

Mr Stuart McAuliffe was appointed as Managing Director in September 2014. Stuart has over 25 years' experience investing in global equity, bond, currency and commodity markets. He has pioneered innovative research into the correlation and causation between different global equity and currency markets over short, medium and long term time periods.

01 Mar 2017

Market Outlook - March 2017

Chief Investment Officer of John Bridgeman Limited, Stuart McAuliffe, states: “We made some decisions last year that played out very well, resulting in an increase of over 100% on our trading accounts in six months. While anything can happen in the market, we expect to even better that achievement this year. As a result, many have asked us what we think will happens this year. While we cannot give you all of our proprietary models, we can tell you what we think will happen and where the...

01 Jan 2017

Market Outlook - January 2017

We believed equity markets would run into year-end and this has generally occurred. Partly, this may have been inspired by politics, but we think it was more seasonal and driven by improving economic data. The challenge during the past year has been to avoid significant drawdowns as markets have fallen and risen on huge volatility. US small caps are all the rage right now, but they were down 20% in February and looked like falling further. Other equity markets, including Australia, have...

01 Nov 2016

Market Outlook - November 2016

John Bridgeman Limited, who acts as investment manager for Henry Morgan Limited (ASX:HML), has provided the following current Market Outlook:

01 Jul 2016

Market Outlook - July 2016

John Bridgeman Limited has stated that: In our last Market Outlook back in March 2016, we forecast that the UK would certainly vote to leave the European Union. Not many believed us. However, that is old news now so where to from here? We believe that the recent rally in global equities marks a serious regime change that is only just getting started. The recent up moves have been like two people sharing a glass of wine and we think it ultimately ends in a full-on Roman Bacchanalian festival...